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07 November 2016 @ 09:23 am
When women call their husbands "geniuses" is it bad that I automatically assume they're stupid? He looks a like a genius to you hun, but only by comparison.

24 June 2016 @ 09:27 am
In the past few days I've seen one person Facebook write "make your bed now lay in it" and another write "you reap what you sew," both in regards to brexit.

At least in the second case, it's a homophone, but in the first case, IT'S AN EXPRESSION. BUT YOU'VE USED THE WRONG WORD. HOW DO YOU GET THAT WRONG.

From this sample size of two, I can only conclude that self-righteous people against brexit who want the British to suffer the consequences of their own choices are fond of clichés and suck at grammar.

This vote has made my "don't comment on the internet" resolution a lot more difficult. I guess that's why I'm ranting on LJ instead. That doesn't count right?
24 June 2016 @ 08:13 am
The pound is in free fall. On the plus side when relatives visit it'll be cheaper. On the downside we've suddenly gotten a lot poorer. Over the past 6 months we've lost 1/5 the value of our savings in GBP and it's probably going to fall even further as the day progresses. Luckily we still have plenty of American investments but I wish I had seen the writing on the wall. This is the danger of living in an echo chamber where everything on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter was pro-remain. Sometimes you miss that half the voting population is getting ready to fuck you over.

Erik had noted that betting odds on remain for 4 to 1 odds on remain and thought maybe financial experts "knew something we don't" but I think instead it was optimism. "Surely the public won't ignore our warnings that this will be financially disastrous."
06 January 2016 @ 01:45 pm
Originally posted by ariestess at The Friday Five for 1 January 2016
Looking back at 2015!

  1. Favorite TV show: Dark Matter

  2. Favorite Movie: R.I.P.D.

  3. Favorite Book: Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

  4. Favorite Video: Daschund Race

  5. Favorite "Current Event": aren't they all bad?

28 November 2015 @ 12:15 am
Originally posted by tediousandbrief at The Friday Five
This week's questions are brought to you courtesy of anonomyous, the letter F, and the number 5...

1. Describe your favorite outfit.

Probably this black comfy dress I have with *zippered* pockets that is made of that travel material that dries fast and is impossible to wrinkle. Why they don't make everything out of that stuff I don't know. With tetris leggings.

2. Describe your personal style.

I have a lot of Threadless tees which I can't currently wear.

3. Approximately how much do you spend on fashion/personal care annually?

Given that I change size every year and go through bouts of nursing, a fair bit. But a number? No idea.

4. Do you dress for yourself or for everyone else?

Right now, I dress for my nursling. That means very low cut shirts and dresses I can pop a boob out of.

5. Give us your best fashion/personal care advice.

Try not to leave the house wearing spit-up stains? I don't even manage that most of the time. So if you do you're doing better than me.
14 November 2015 @ 10:15 pm
Originally posted by anais_pf at The Friday Five for 13 November 2015: Books
These questions were written by rajni.

1. What was your favorite book during childhood?

The Secret Garden. Probably followed by the Narnia and Redwall series. Oh, and Sauce for the Mongoose.

2. What is your favorite book now?

If it's the book I've read the most times in recent years, then probably Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which is fan-fiction! If it's a book I've read recently, it's Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes. I've read it a few times, most recently a few days ago. It's a non-fiction account of a missionary living with indiginous people living deep in the Amazon and trying to learn their language - which is apparently unrelated to any other living language. It's just facinating learning about a language and a culture so incredibly different than ours. It makes you realise how closely related our culture is related to other cultures. If you think that Islam and Muslims are different than Christianity and Christians, for instance... the gap is a stream and the difference between the Pirahas and us is an ocean.

3. What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?

Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep). To get this I had to go through multiple lists of "best adaptations of books" lists until I found this, which is the only instance I could find of having read the book and seen the movie and liking the movie better than the book. I found the book kind of "meh" and I enjoyed Blade Runner.

This is blasphemy, but I only read the first LOTR book and didn't really like it, and I didn't really like the movies. I am a rabid Hobbit fan though (I know, weird to like it and not like the triology, right?), and the movies were "meh".

4. Do you prefer checking out books from the library or buying them?

Up until 2012, I was a rabid library fiend and I would never, every buy a book. Then I had children. I can no longer read physical books because you can't read a physical book whilst breastfeeding your child to sleep in the dark. Now I use the library occasionally to get e-books, I buy e-books, and I torrent e-books.

5. Have you ever been let down by a book that was highly recommended to you?

The Poisonwood Bible. I couldn't even get through the first few chapters, and several people had said this was their favourite book... I just couldn't stand the characters.
11 June 2015 @ 10:12 am
So a few weeks ago I joined a book club on meetup.com

My photo on meetup.com is my Rosie the Riveter costume from three years ago by default. This usually goes over well with the tech crowd, which are primarily the meetings I go to.

Anyways, a day after I joined the book club I get a private message that starts out "oooh muscles haha" and is relatively unoffensive, but obviously an invitation of a romantic nature. I don't think of Rosie the Riverter as being particularily sexy, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt assume the feminist iconography was lost on him since this is the UK. After receiving the message I changed my photo to a photo of my son, my husband and I and wrote a blurb about how I was mum to one with another one the way, and I didn't respond to the message. Presumably that will be the end of it.

So in case you are wondering why mums on social media often define themselves as such, it's possible that they're deliberately doing it as man-repellent. And not because that's how they define their whole being.

Interestingly, I have never gotten any sort of romantic solicitation from belonging to a tech group. I suspect it's because men who belong to tech groups are there to actually learn about tech, not to pick-up women, since that would be a terrible place to do it. Whereas book groups, being a female-biased crowd, can sometimes attract people who are only or partially there to pick up women.

I have gotten messages from recruiters from belonging to tech groups, though. I guess recruiters go where the tech people are- tech groups- and men go where the woman are- book clubs. Very rational. Also annoying. 
08 May 2015 @ 09:08 pm

1. What is your favorite poem? Can you recite part of it from memory?

The Bells by Edgar Allen Poe, and no, not the whole thing. I knew most of it at one point, but now all that's left are fragments. The only poem I have completely memorised is only 6 lines; The Eagle by Alfred Lord Tennyson. I made of point of memorising it because I really liked it, and it was only 6 lines, so at least I could manage that and claim that I had memorised a poem for once in my life! I'm really bad at memorising things. I remember being in school and having to memorise a poem, and so I asked the teacher how you memorise things, and they said something like, "you know how you know the words to your favourite song?" and I was like... no? I still mess up "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for God's sake. Seriously, I was singing it with Isaac the other day and we started singing different lines and guess who was right? Yup, the 2 year old.

2. What is your favorite work of visual art? Can you sketch some of it from memory?

Slave Ship by William Turner, and... no? It's not the sort of thing you can sketch really, it's just kind of awash with colour. Very few features. (And the features it does have are grisly.)

3. What is your favorite piece of music? Can you sing or hum any of it from memory? Bonus points if you can sing a line of harmony from it.

Sketches of Spain by Gil Evans/Miles Davis. Yes, can hum it. The only thing I can sing some harmony from is the Messiah, because I've sung that quite a lot as an alto.

4. What is your favorite dance form? Can you dance it yourself, however badly, or is it something for which you are mostly a spectator?

I guess- contemporary hip hop? And hell no. It's fun to watch though.

5. What is your favorite work of literature? Have you committed any of it to memory?

Well that's a hard one. Is a favourite something I've read over and over again, or is it something I've read once but profoundly impacted me? I think the book I've read the most are all junior literature; The Secret Garden a half billion times, followed probably by the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Harry Potter, and a few Redwall books. The books that impacted me the most is probably 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale. The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov are probably a happy medium between "read a lot of times" and "impacted me." The only bits of literature I have memorised are some fragments of Shakespeare; in particular this Macbeth monologue. Or at least I did, I'm not sure my recall on it is so good anymore. 
27 March 2015 @ 11:48 am
today's friday five...

1. Can you remember being a very young child?

I have some early memories. My earliest memory is of eating an ice cream sandwich for the first time at ~2.5. It came back to me in a dream when I was an older kid and my mom told me the memory was real. My parents were on vacation in San Francisco and left me with my godmother, and I remembered their old house and fridge. Another early memory, probably around the same time period, is of trying to pet a bee. It just looked so furry! Anyway, it stung me, and apparently my mom said I looked very betrayed and said "but I was only trying to pet it!" That said, I'm not sure this is real memory or if it's just been repeated to me so many times that I just think I remember it.

Other than that, most of the memories I have start in kindergarten. Like that time I got bullied by these twin boys from my neighbourhood for bringing a stuffed animal to school. And not getting to make gingerbread houses because our teacher was Jewish. We made potato latkes, very disappointing. And I remember nap time on mats. And some semblance of what the classroom looked like.

2. Do you remember the first day of school?


3. Did you love or despise your siblings, providing you had them?

Only child

4. Do you remember the name of your first friend?

Hmm. I don't know about first, but there was a neighbourhood kid who I hung out a lot with as a kid, and yes I know her name because my mother occasionally gives me updates on the various neighbourhood kids. We got older, she turned out to be overly Christian, a pathological liar who desperately wanted to be popular, and not very smart. So you could say we grew apart.

5. Would you journey back to your childhood (as an adult) if you could?

18 March 2015 @ 12:32 pm
For the first time today, I responded to catcalling.

I think there were two things that caused me to respond:

1) The (kid, really) came up from behind me walking so there was a longer duration of contact and I actually had time to respond. The last time I got catcalled it was from a guy riding a bike, kind of hard to respond to that.

2) I am heavily pregnant. So I responded, with incredulity, "I'm pregnant. And you're hitting on me?" I mean, obviously he probably didn't notice I was pregnant since he was catcalling from behind and I don't look pregnant from behind. But I guess I was sufficiently surprised to respond, whereas before I might not have been.

He was with a bunch of friends and he responded to me, trying to justify himself, but I didn't hear exactly what he said. At any rate he looked embarrassed. Whoops. That's the last time he catcalls a lady before checking if she's pregnant first! Maybe.